Chris Cerino

Range Ready Director of Training

Chris Cerino has spent 30 years in law enforcement and training. He claims to have been “the best of the lot,” which afforded him the opportunities that elevated him to the place he is now. 

A police officer, SWAT operator, firearms instructor, federal agent, and international level trainer, Chris has been there and done that. He is a consummate student in firearms training and the use of force.  

Chris's weapon proficiency took off with his time at theFederal Air Marshal Service (FAMS). As an instructor, excellent skills with a handgun are meaningless if you can't communicate what it is that makes you successful. The question he asks is, “do you like it because you can make it work? Or do you like it because you can get others to make it work?”  

The opportunity to be on History Channel's Top Shot catapulted Chris into the firearms industry and a career in writing, gun TV, and competition. With this, he developed his own training company, Chris Cerino Training Group. He has trained everyone from lunch ladies, carrying armed in schools, to the military’s and law enforcement’s top tier elements. 

Having been a trainer, coordinator, and student, Chris has a wide range of experience. Experience that came from practical application as an educator, operator, and professional competitor. 

Years of diagnosing successes and failures with multiple weapon platforms make Chris' training effective. Shooting countless rounds, watching and training thousands of shooters, Chris doesn't just show you drills or teach you to shoot; he teaches you to teach yourself.  

His pragmatic approach to training and applying skills has been life-changing and life-saving for students worldwide. 


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