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"So I bought a slaughterhouse..."
~ Ryan Gresham, President, Gun Talk Media

Don't most great stories begin with something like that? No?

In 2020, Gun Talk Media began the search for a new location, as we'd outgrown our existing studio and office space. The list of "needs" for a new HQ was a long list. It had to support our requirements for studio and office space obviously, but we were looking for more. Range space. Training classrooms. A comfortable place for guests to hang out. Louisiana flavor. This list went on and on.

In the end, an abandoned, yet structurally sound slaughterhouse in Robert, Louisiana checked all those boxes and more. Ground was broken, grass was planted, walls were demolished and/or erected, dreams were forged and plans were made.

Fast forward to summer of 2022, and Range Ready Studios officially opened its doors.

Range Ready is the home of Gun Talk Media - creators of titles like Guns & Gear, Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio, First Person Defender, Build Box, Gun Talk Nation, Gun Talk Hunt and more.

Range Ready is also the home of Range Ready Training, led by Director of Training, Chris Cerino. At Range Ready, we offer a myriad of training opportunities including pistol, rifle/carbine, women-only classes, force-on-force, instructor development, specialty classes and much more.

Be Ready.

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