SureFire Low-Light Experience at Range Ready

November 30th & December 1st, 2023

SureFire presents the Low-Light Experience at Range Ready Studios

Limited to 14 students

Cost $599.00

Low-Light Training with the SureFire X300T-B weapon mounted light and SureFire G2X-C handheld light provided FREE for each student from SureFire.


This low-light shooting class will include classroom, live fire and indoor, force on target training!


Lights should be an integral part of your everyday carry equipment. Having a weapon mounted light is essential when identifying and engaging deadly threats in a low light situation but having a handheld light can keep the situation from ever getting that far.


You’ll learn the do’s and don’ts of weapon mounted lights along with the benefits of having a stand-alone handheld option with Gun Talk’s own, Chris Cerino.


Improve your shooting skills and open your mind to tactical lights with two days of hands-on training in an intimate setting. Classroom and range presentations will be presented by Chris Cerino and Range Ready Co-Instructors.


Navigate, locate, identify, and solve the problem with SureFire technology. You’ll get a solid dose of skills pertaining to flashlight operations. Everything from set-up and safe use to defensive application as well as in-field tips and techniques. And when It’s over, SureFire wants you to keep the gear you’ve been practicing with!


Bad guys know that citizens who carry lights are prepared beyond the average potential victim. A flashlight is a force multiplier and can lead a criminal to wonder what else their intended victim may have in store. If you have a flashlight, chances are you have and knife and likely… a firearm.


Come to Louisiana’s beautiful Northshore and spend two days training but stay for the weekend and enjoy the culture of New Orleans, a short 45-minute drive across Lake Pontchartrain.


Range Ready’s experiences are designed to give you the red-carpet treatment with attendance from firearms industry professionals, writers, and everything but your personal gear provided. You’ll think you’re one of the big dogs.


What we’ll provide:

SureFire X300T-B weapon mounted light – Yours to keep!

SureFire G2X-C handheld light – Yours to keep!

OWB holster for large frame semi-auto pistols equipped witha SureFire X300 – Yours to keep!

All ammunition is provided.

Coffee and donuts each morning

Catered lunch onsite each day


You will need to bring:

Hearing and Eye protection

A quality gun belt

A large frame semi-automatic pistol capable of mounting an under-rail light. Be sure to let us know what gun and caliber you will bring as well as your dominant hand. This information is found on the course registration form.


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