First Person Defender Experience

March 23 & 24, 2023

COURSE TITLE: First Person Defender Experience (2 Days 16 hours)

COURSE TYPE: Classroom & Force on Force (no live fire)                

Instructor: Chris Cerino

Range Ready Studios
24362 Hwy 190 East
Robert, LA 70455

Course Description:    

Whether you’re a fan of First Person Defender® (FPD) or simply looking for training that goes beyond the square range, this is for you. FPD takes ordinary people and places them into extraordinary situations. That’s what the FPD Experience is all about.

It all starts with mindset and learning the “when-then” mentality. It’s not if something bad happens it’s when! Once you’re into the right mindset, training progresses to tactics and techniques in our shoot house. Some say that “speed kills,” and they’re right. Sometimes it’s speed too fast, other times it’s speed too slow. Speed matters and, the body won’t go where your mind hasn’t been.

No training gains better results than force-on-force with the penalty of pain. Modeled after our popular FDP training series, the FPD experience gives everyone the opportunity to participate. Students will be involved in six different scenarios, both as a good guy with a gun and, as a role player.

Special Concerns: This is somewhat physical training and spikes in heart rate can be a concern. Bruises and broken skin can occur from training munitions.

Training includes:

  • Survival mindset
  • Situational awareness
  • Survival tactics
  • Force-on-force gunfight scenarios
  • All safety gear

Recommended Equipment:

Quality footwear

Long sleeve T-shirt

Long sleeve sweatshirt

Long pants




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