Diagnostic Pistol Instructor (DPI)

May 2-3, 2024

Instructor: Chris Cerino

Range Ready Studios
24362 Hwy 190 East
Robert, LA 70455

Equipment Required: 

Full size or compact semi-auto pistol w/ 3 magazines

Multiple guns are permitted to enhance learning

Quality OWB holster and 1 or 2 magazine pouches (no finger activated holsters)

Sturdy gun belt

800 rounds of ammunition

Hearing and eye protection

Closed toe shoes and pants with belt loops

Course Description:

This course was specifically designed for anyone wishing to shoot better, aspiring instructors, current firearms instructors and those tasked with fixing shooters even if it’s only yourself.

Learn how to build confidence in shooters and demystify shooting. 

Course information passes on years of valuable information regarding self-diagnosis, diagnosis of others and remediation of shooters. 

Remedial training drills, confidence building drills, target diagnosis, training tips, techniques and shooter remediation plans are covered with classroom and hands-on live fire instruction.

Attendees will have a vastly greater knowledge of how to obtain speed, precision, and combat accuracy from their students as well as from themselves. 

**This course is not for struggling shooters or beginners. **

Special Concerns: There are no special concerns for this training.

Topics include:

  • Real world safety, situational awareness and inherent safety
  • Widely accepted terminology and range commands 
  • Modern pistol techniques 
  • Instructional techniques
  • Drills to build skills
  • Target diagnosis
  • Self diagnosis 
  • Remedial drills

This course is limited to 16 students.


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