Basic Pistol Operator (BPO)

February 7, 2024

Instructor: Chris Cerino

Range Ready Studios
24362 Hwy 190 East
Robert, LA 70455

Equipment Required: 

Full size or compact semi-auto pistol w/ 3 magazines

Quality Outside the Waistband holster and 1 or 2 magazine pouches (no finger activated holsters)

Sturdy gun belt

250 rounds of ammunition

Hearing and eye protection

Closed toe shoes and pants with belt loops

Course Description:

Want to feel comfortable and confident with your handgun? Your concealed carry class was not training. This is where your training journey begins. 

At the request of students who were “over their head” in Pistol Operator 1, Basic Pistol Operator is designed to get you up to speed so you can relax and learn in more advanced training courses.

This class is perfect for men or women who have spent too much time, stagnant on an over-regulated indoor shooting range.

Topics include but not limited to:

  • Real world safety and situational awareness
  • Weapon breakdown and maintenance
  • Popular terminology and range commands
  • Modern high thumbs forward grip
  • Sight alignment and sight picture 
  • Trigger management 
  • Holster craft 
  • And anything else we have time for!

This course is limited to 16 students.


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