AR15/Carbine Operator 1 (ARCO1)

March 16 & 17, 2023

COURSE TITLE: AR15/Carbine Operator 1 (2 Days 16 hours)

COURSE TYPE: Classroom & live fire            


Instructor: Chris Cerino

Range Ready Studios
24362 Hwy 190 East
Robert, LA 70455


Advanced shooters have mastered the basics and can perform them at speed and under stress. This course is designed to develop those basics as they apply to the AR15. A higher level of understanding combined with skill, proficiency is what you’ll gain from this training.

Progress from nomenclature, cleaning, care, and maintenance to safe handling and essential skills. This course covers presentation skills, firing techniques and sling use. Training is based on essential principles to increase speed, accuracy, and competence with the carbine.

Special Concerns: This is a physically demanding course with extensive amounts of shooting, weapon manipulation and positional shooting. Full focus and attention to detail is necessary. This is a fast-paced program.


Specific training provided in the following areas:  

•     Safety, Care & Maintenance

•     Nomenclature, Characteristics & Accessories

•     Zero for your environment  

•     Essential fundamentals    

•     Mechanical offset

•     Safe motor programs for loading and making ready

•     Safe motor programs for clearing

·     Sling use

·     Efficient presentation

•     Positional shooting

•     Barricade use


Required Equipment:

AR15 or M16 variant rifle w/ 3 magazines

Quality sling (no carry straps)

Eye & ear protection

Rifle cleaning kit

800 rounds ammunition





Be Ready.

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