AR15 Carbine Operator 2 (ARCO2)

June 6-7, 2024

Instructor: Chris Cerino

Range Ready Studios
24362 Hwy 190 East
Robert, LA 70455

Equipment Required: 

AR15 or similar carbine w/ 3 magazines
(AR platform guns chambered in .22LR or handgun calibers are permitted but they must be reliable)

Sling – Tactical style – 2-point preferred (no hunting slings)

Rifle Magazine pouches optional 

Pistol, 3 magazines, OWB holster and magazine holders (no finger activated holsters)

Dump pouch or Rollypoly recommended

800 rounds of RIFLE ammunition

200 rounds of PISTOL ammunition

Hearing and eye protection

Closed toe shoes and pants with belt loops and pockets

Prerequisite - MUST HAVE COMPLETED ARCO1 or a comparable multi-day carbine course.  IF YOU ARE NOT SURE, CONTACT US.

Course Description:

There is no advanced training but there are advanced applications of the basics. You’ll need to have skills on hand to attend this course. 

Shooting, moving and communicating seem like simple skills, until you’re doing them all at the same time, while problem solving.

Continue to solidify your foundation with this foray into the dynamic application of the AR15. Of course, we’ll start off with a refresher on all the basics that make advanced applications safe and fun. Training is always based on essential principles to increase speed, accuracy, and competence with any weapon platform.

Special Concerns: This is a physically demanding course with extensive amounts of shooting, weapon manipulation and lots of getting up and down for reloads and positional shooting. Full focus and attention to detail is necessary. This is a fast-paced program. 

Specific training provided in the following areas:   

  • Carbine set up for dynamic use (competition or defense) 
  • Zero confirmation 
  • Essential fundamentals    
  • Mechanical offset (confirmation across distance for precision)
  • Sling use for tactical operations 
  • Reloads and transition to the handgun
  • Teamwork and communication tactics
  • Shooting on the move
  • Positional shooting
  • Barricades and unconventional use of cover
  • Scrambler drills

This course is limited to 16 students.


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